The Mission Statement of TASOCOM RECORDS ACADEMY is:

“To advance and widen the role of Music & Arts as an integral part of our social fabric and a powerful catalyst in shaping the life of our local, national and global communities.”

Our Objectives:

“To promote an appreciation of Music and The Arts as a universal tool of communication and empowerment and to enrich the cultural and educational life of the youth of South Africa.”

Self-expression and bridge-building between individuals and communities are focal points while platforms for performance encourage audiences to engage with the best our youth in South Africa has to offer encouraging emerging artists to discover and develop their own artistic skills.

Benefits of TASOCOM membership:


To help the youth think carefully about what they learn, become critical and curious learners and be aware of the social, moral, economic and ethical issues facing South Africans and citizens around the world.

Contacts and networking opportunities for exchanges, skills transfer and development, collaborations, publications and more through local and regional meetings.

Practical support, training, mentorship advice for your Music and Arts career from professionals and legends in South Africa and abroad.

Reduced rates on workshops, theatre productions, studio productions and other opportunities.

Regular information about professional, touring and development opportunities across the continent and across the globe.

We use Music and the Arts as a true educational resource, for the teaching of every subject, and for the development of heart, mind, body and spirit in every student.


Good Reasons for Music and the arts in our community:


Music and the Arts allow us to explore perceptions different from our own. It deepens our capacity for empathy and enhances emotional intelligence.

Music and the Arts enhance learning – they reach a diversity of the youth through multiple learning modalities (visual, auditory, tactile, musical and kinesthetic).

Music and the Arts can make abstract concepts or ideas more concrete and understandable. It communicates in memorable and entertaining ways, making learning easier.

Music and the Arts develop lifelong skills of communication, critical and creative thinking, and problem solving.

Music and the Arts can develop an appreciation of our own cultural heritage, while also building a sense of commonality and diversity across cultures, resulting in deepening tolerance.

Music and the Arts experiences build specific neural pathways in the brain; if young people are not exposed to Music and the Arts at an early age these pathways will atrophy, and their development later will be adversely affected.

Music and the Arts help the youth develop their ability to express a personal vision.


TASOCOM Academy & Recording Studio was established in 2013 in South Africa, to provide quality Music and The Arts training and teaching.

TASOCOM Academy & Recording Studio is a registered international non-profit organization which is set out to educating the amateur/average musicians, singers, songwriters, skilled and unskilled practitioners at the leading edge of their disciplines. But, more than that, TASOCOM Academy & Recording Studio has set out to advance and widen the role of Music & Arts as an integral part of our social fabric and a powerful catalyst in shaping the life of our local, national and global communities.

TASOCOM Academy & Recording Studio seeks to promote high quality Music & The Arts training and teaching in a friendly, healthy and racially tolerate environment. Also, to develop, improve and motivate all those who wish to learn Music & The Arts and be able to earn a living from their talents hence creating employment.

Founder's message:

Almost everyone can learn how to sing, act, dance, etc. Perhaps you have never had any Art Lessons but don't let that concern you because at TASOCOM Academy you don't need any prior musical background or whatsoever. We have a comprehensive Voice Program called Unique Voice Under Construction (UVUC). We prefer Beginning Students because they have the unique opportunity to build their voice free of any bad habits.

We seek to produce professional quality musicians which can be appreciated at both local and international flat forms. Also, to instill in our students a sense of true patriotism with well informed minds inspired by love of truth and devotion to work, respecting themselves as musicians and others.

Even though fame is not the drive behind what we do but we believe more than ever that our Students can stand a chance at local and international music competitions, win awards and become celebrities who will invest back to their communities.

You must be prepared to practice two to five times a week as your time and vocal cords allow.





Sound Engineering

Music Programming


Mixing and Mastering







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